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About Prajna

I have always felt that my path is to help bring healing to people’s lives. I grew up in a healing community in Brazil, where I was often exposed to the deep transformations energy healing can bring. From an early age, I studied different forms of healing, and started volunteering as an energy healer at the age of 20.

After studying and practicing traditional Brazilian healing for many years, my passion for helping others led me to the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, which many regard as the premier healing school in the world. I graduated from the four-year program, receiving my certificate as a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner. In wanting to deepen my experiences and knowledge, I stayed for another three years of advanced studies, teacher training, and certification as a Brennan Integration Practitioner. It was here that I received advanced training in individual and group personal process facilitation. I am also a former faculty member of the Barbara Brennan School.


I believe that healing comes from simultaneously balancing the energetic and physical levels. With this mindset, and in following my passion to bring energy healing and western medicine together, I embarked in a full-time therapeutic massage program at the Spa Tech Institute in Massachusetts, becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist and also receiving extensive training in Polarity Therapy. I have also dedicated years to developing my abilities and working as a psychic medium.

I worked for about ten years as a medical interpreter at Cambridge Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was there that in the year 2004 I conducted research on the effects of energy healing and surgery, and worked in the operating room as a healer for significant medical procedures. I fully believe that healing is directly entertwined between the physical and energetic fields, and I have a passion for walking the journey between those two seemingly different worlds.

I believe in continuous self -growth, and regularly travel to deepen my spiritual practices and knowledge, including spending significant time every year with my beloved Indian Guru Amma. I fully believe that we are in this world to heal – to be healthier in our physical body and happier and more at peace in our hearts.

I also believe in living a life of service. Deep within my soul, I know that I am here to serve, and to help those with whom I come in contact reach a better place in their lives and within themselves. True healing comes from our Higher Self; it comes from a higher purpose that we each have in our existence. It is available and ready to each one of us. If I can be of service, and be a channel for that energy to come into someone’s life, I am grateful and honored.

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