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Prajna with Kellee White on "Ask Me Anything", 11/18/2021: 

Prajna with James Van Prague on "Soul Care", 10/5/2020:

Prajna on "Both Sides Now", Energy Healing, 7/13/2020: 

Prajna on "Both Sides Now", Guided Group Meditative Healing, 5/25/20:

Prajna on "Both Sides Now", Energy Healing and fighting COVID-19, 4/27/20:

Prajna with Trey Downes, "Energy Healing", 6/14/2021: 

7/22/2019.  Prajna on John Holland's "Spirit Connections" regarding "The Energy of Healing"

The Energy Of Healing July 22, 19 Prajna with John Holland, "The Energy of Healing"
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