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Energy Healing


Energy healing sessions will be tailored to each client. More often than not, because healing is always interconnected, it will benefit other areas as well. Sessions are typically one hour long. This includes some time in the beginning for checking in and establishing what the intention is for the work on that day.  Once the healing is complete, we have some time at the end for integration, next steps, and suggestions regarding what the client could work on in between sessions. 

Healing is a very fluid and ever evolving process. Each session is different from the previous one. Each client moves at a different pace. We will work together to find the most beneficial and supportive path for each person. Healing sessions have a deep effect on people’s emotional lives, their relationships, and their physical health. It usually brings healing to places within themselves and their lives they didn’t even know were longing for. It is a beautiful and transformative journey.
Sessions are done remotely, either by WhatsApp or Skype. I find remote sessions to have a deeper benefit if compared to in-person ones. 

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