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Benefits of Energy Healing

Physical Benefits:

  • Facilitate physical healing of diseases

  • Prepare for surgery

  • Accelerate recovery from surgery, disease, trauma, or hospitalization

  • Heal faster with fewer complications

  • Relieve pain and swelling

  • Eliminate or reduce side effects of medical procedures

  • Restore a sense of balance and well-being

  • Learn about the energetic dynamics underlying your disease and health

  • Increase vitality and quality of life

Some physical conditions I have worked with are: surgeries, headaches, and migraines, multiple sclerosis, allergic reactions, chronic pain, high blood pressure, gall bladder issues, back pain, breathing problems, bone fractures, high blood pressure, etc.


Emotional Benefits:

  • Experience emotional healing and a lighter and more peaceful feeling in your emotional life

  • Move with more ease through emotional life transitions

  • Clarify aspects of your emotional life that are now confused or stuck

  • Increase vitality and passion for life where you might be feeling numb or depleted

  • Release emotional holding and enjoy emotional relief

  • Feel again your full range of emotions

  • Feel happiness settle back into yourself

Benefits can help with: anxiety, depression, panic disorder, sense of hopelessness, constant ups and downs, etc. 


Mental Benefits:

  • Increase your mental clarity and memory

  • Bring clarity into places of confusion

  • Make decisions that serve your highest good

  • Find and release limiting beliefs you hold about yourself and/or life

  • Experience mental peace, gratitude, and happiness


Spiritual Benefits:

  • Find and follow your intuition or inner knowing

  • Remember your essence, deep love, wisdom, and power

  • Strengthen your intention and ability to accomplish your goals

  • Establish or reinforce your connection to your higher wisdom

  • Expand your consciousness and awareness

  • Remember what a miracle life really is!!


Relational Benefits:

  • Bring healing from troubled relationships and comfort to yourself and your heart

  • Bring light into a maternal or paternal relationship

  • Bring awareness, understanding, and healing into romantic relationships

  • Experience a deeper connection within your own heart

  • Bring a stronger sense of who you are and your strength in any relationship

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